Color & Design Philosophy

The philosophy and practice of Dye by Daquila is simple: BETTER THAN NATURAL. When it comes to hair color, the use of your natural color is always the basis for your look.

(Celebrity Balayage Examples)
The Balayage Technique
Balayage is a French technique where color is hand painted directly on to the hair. This technique requires a highly trained eye to strategically place the color where the sun would naturally lighten the hair and place it in areas that compliment your facial features as well as your hair cut. It can be used to create a range of effects from sun-kissed and subtle hints of color to an all-over saturated and dramatic look. The beauty of balayage is that there is no overlapping of color resulting in a hair style full of depth and dimension. This free-hand application both prevents damage and eliminates any harsh lines or unnatural streaks. Balayage highlights last weeks longer and look far more natural when growing out making the technique one of the most popular hair coloring requests in salons today.

Both our men and women's cuts begin with an assessment of the texture and density of your hair. Your hairline, face shape, features, body type, height, lifestyle, and personal style are also taken into consideration. The cutting technique follows the shape of the head, providing a seamlessly blended cut. In addition, the hair is always cut in the direction it grows giving the design a natural flow that you will easily be able to style at home.